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counterfeit detector machine australia

counterfeit detector machine australia



ounterfeit Money Detector

While not as prevalent as overseas, counterfeit crime still poses a significant risk to your business and customers. Fake currency in Australia has become increasingly frequent and harder to detect, with suspicion the number of notes reported and seized by police is only a portion of the total in circulation.

In 2016, an estimated 31,682 counterfeit Australian banknotes, with a nominal face value of almost $1.8 million, were detected in circulation.


There are a number of reasons why using a counterfeit detector machine for your business is a great security addition.

  • Much more reliable than manually checking suspect notes.

  • Quicker processing time to detect fake currency, individual notes can be scanned in less than half a second.

  • Pre-programmed to Australian currency, not set up required.

  • Installation is easy, just plug in and start scanning.

  • Compact unit, easily fits on at point of sale beside money tills or other storage.

  • Detects counterfeit notes through watermarks, size, thickness, colour, infrared, magnetic ink, metal thread.

  • Notes are able to be scanned in any direction, making scanning even quicker.

  • Can also calculate total value of notes scanned.

  • Easy to use, intuitive design.

Click above to protect your business today

Click above to protect your business today

This month at Tecsec, together with our partner 21st Century Business we are offering $100 off your counterfeit detector order!

Any use of counterfeit money at your business will lead to a loss either for you being out of pocket for providing products or services at no cost or for your customers who may end up with fake currency as change.


Using a Counterfeit Money Detector is a great way to protect your business against losses from false currency. Tecsec supply Safe scan detector systems that are incredible reliable and 100% guaranteed for accuracy. If your business deals in high volumes of cash, you may be at risk of counterfeit money used by criminals. Detectors are pre-programmed to detect fake Australian currency notes and provide a quick easy solution to potential problems for your business and customers.



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