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Counterfeit Money


Address: U5/205 Flinders 3041 nsw.
Bank & Cryptocurrencies (e.g Pay ID & Bitcoins) Accepted here.

Fake currency

Where to buy Fake Australia money Introduction

Buy Counterfeit money, Counterfeiting of currency in Australia by Kingprint guys groups high quality has the potential to undermine public confidence in the currency and impact easy to use, business and individuals alike.

Buy $20, $50 Counterfeit money Australian money

Our high-quality and authentic-looking 50 Australian dollar prop money is now available here.

 Fake money for sale, How to identify a counterfeit banknote

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) maintains the responsibility for the issue, reissue and cancellation of Australian banknotes. The following information regarding Australia’s Banknotes can be found on the RBA website:

Information and images of each of the banknotes features. Includes images of the banknotes that … Check the new generation one hundred-dollar banknote.

Traveller’s cheques

Counterfeiting of traveller’s cheques is not a Commonwealth offence. Anyone in possession of suspected counterfeit traveller’s cheques should contact their local state/territory police or return them to the relevant Issuing Authority.

Issuing Authorities

American Express traveller’s cheques

American Express
Claims Review Unit
GPO Box 1582
Sydney NSW 1131

All other traveller’s cheques

Senior Manager Global Operations
International Traveller’s Cheques
1 Sheldon Square
London, W26TYT
Great Britain

Suspected counterfeit currency deemed genuine

Suspected counterfeit currency deemed genuine after examination by RBA counterfeit examiners will be returned to the owner.

Postal address (for order counterfeit currency only)

  1. Australian courier
    Locked Bag 8917
    Flinder Street  VIC


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